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Beautiful Landscape

Environment. Animals. People. 

Hunting Experience NZ prides itself in ensuring that all our business decisions are centred around making the right call for the preservation of the environment, and all those that inhabit it whilst delivering a fun and sustainable hunting experience for our clients. We do this by applying a holistic lens to every decision we make, objectively looking at the positive consequences but also the negative. Embracing both the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and Tiaki - Care for New Zealand.


The fragility of our ecosystems demands great care in maintaining ecological balance. Hunting makes an important contribution to the protection of ecosystems, as hunters are obliged to maintain healthy and biologically diverse wildlife populations and to protect their habitat. This also includes preventing damage done by wildlife and adjusting population sizes to specific environmental conditions.

Image by Clyde He


Taking an animal’s life is a serious and meaningful event. We identify that and ensure that all animals are treated with the utmost respect and their sacrifice honoured.

  • Our hand-picked locations are chosen on the basis of practicing fair chase hunting.

  • All tools provided are of the highest standard, kept well maintained and chosen to ensure all kills are quick and effective, to minimise the pain and suffering of the animal as much as possible.

  • All killed animals are quickly transported and processed to maximise the percentage of usable meat for consumption.

Our game 

Hunting wild animals in New Zealand is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who love nature and excitement. With its varied landscapes and abundant wildlife, New Zealand provides the perfect setting for a thrilling hunting trip. Whether you're after a magnificent stag, a wily Himalayan tahr, or a nimble chamois, there are plenty of opportunities to put your hunting abilities to the test. And with strict conservation measures in place, hunting in New Zealand is also a chance to help maintain the country's natural beauty and support its wildlife populations. So, gather your gear and get ready for an exciting hunting adventure in one of the world's most beautiful destinations!

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